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The following links provide access to a number of helpful and useful advice sites. The links are divided into the following general categories:

Specialist Health Sites

Health Charity Sites

Useful Related Advice Sites

Specialised Legal Advice

Legal Advice & Resources

General Health Advice

Patient UK

An ideal first stop for health matters, offering thousands of links to medical advice under an alphabetical health/illness directory, an online glossary and Scoot clinic search as well as links to self-help and support groups, ethical healthcare, complementary treatment sites and details on benefits.

BBC Online Health & Fitness

Includes video extracts, special features, recommended links and the obligatory related TV listings and coverage of health aspects for all age groups. Health News is updated daily and the archive is searchable. You'll even find full and rank discussion of health issued covered in BBC soaps.

Net Doctor

This site contains contributions from over 250 doctors (including TV's Dr Hilary Jones). It has a slightly tabloidy feel, with plenty of emotive articles and lots of articles related to sex, but does provide expert advice about a battery of medical examinations, a medicine and side effect search engine and a vast database of articles covering every aspect of health.

Health in Focus

Comprehensive and good-looking advice site run by Medicom publishing. Quick-find facilities for articles on most common complaints with descriptions, solutions, treatments, and a guide on getting the best from your GP. It also presents online chats with the likes of Claire Rayner and Dr Raj Persaud. 


Massive US health site promoting a healthier lifestyle with a good balance of alternative and conventional health advice, a free online library, and health food store, as well as Nutrition, Fitness and wellness centres. It's US-centric, but its first aid flowcharts sections covers everything from animal bites to unconsciousness.

Surgery Door

Fronted by Radio Times columnist Dr.Mark Porter, this site includes a medical dictionary, local health service search and symptoms index. It also carries useful sections on what to do in a medical emergency (other than call 999) and a secure area where you can securely save your family's heath records.

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Specialist Health Sites

All About Vision

Plain-speaking US site on all things optical. Offers explanations of contact lens and spectacle types and advice on choosing face-flattering frames. Corrective surgery is covered, along with eye care nutrition, diseases and age-specific problems. There's a link to a self-testing page to see if you suffer from computer vision syndrome.

Phys: In Fitness & In Health

An entertaining and busy site on all aspects of physical well-being, with information on cooking foods for maximum nutrition, various calculators to show you how unhealthy you are, plus a five-step weight loss programme and self-exercise slideshows to guide you back to optimum fitness. Try the Snack Bandit for advice on burning off junk food.

Baby Directory 2000

The online version of this annual directory covers most requirements of parents or parent to be. Click on the UK map to bring up your chose area and you can use the alphabetical index for names and addresses of everything from midwives to baby massage. 

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Health Charity Sites

Terrence Higgins Trust

Vital for information on all aspects of HIV and AIDS. Includes a full press release archive, advice on housing, benefits and insurance, plus legal and support links. Its online library of downloadable booklets and papers is unsurpassed.

Cancer Research Campaign

Gives straightforward information on one of our biggest health concerns. Supplies sensible advice on smoking, diet and sun exposure, plus self-examination, how to recognise early warning signs, links and updates on research into the disease.

The Samaritans

Help and advice for the suicidal and overwhelmed, the Samaritans' sober, no-nonsense site gives phone numbers, email access and nearest branch details. It also tells you how to become a volunteer and offers a downloadable Youth Suicide pack. 

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Useful Related Sites

Consumer Gateway

One-stop consumer rights advice site run the DTI. It includes in-depth guides on your rights, guarantees and warranties, and how to complain. Full links to other government sites and consumer organisation plus an array of fact sheets covering all areas of consumer law.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Provides links to local bureau sites (some of which supply advice by email), this site offers an extensive library on social policy, health, tax, discrimination, social security, and gives full details on how to become a volunteer. It also links to its sister site, Advice.

The Site

A youth-oriented one-stop free advice centre from Martyn Lewis. Email questions to experts for a response within 48 hours, or access the back catalogue of responses on topic such as sex, money, legal matters, health and careers, It also runs a volunteer centre called Do-It and a range of discussion panels.

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Specialised Legal Advice

Success Unlimited

The Web site of the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line includes sound advice on all aspects of harassment including racism, sexism and homophobia as well as ways to deal wit near-psychotic bosses, copious links for support groups, Government Acts and a welcome page of workplace jokes.

Accident Compensation Network

A site to guide you through the difficult process of claiming for compensation due to accident or neglect. Includes a sear-engine and links to personal injury solicitors operating on a 'no-win, no-fee' basis in your area.


From solicitors Mills & Reeve, this sober site covers the legal, personal and emotional process of divorce and separation, and offers links to counselling, meditation and legal service in your area as well as sound advice for helping your children get through it all.

Legal Aid

The first stop for anyone seeking legal aid. Lots of advice, plus the criteria you need to tell whether you're eligible. There's a range of useful leaflets online, including information on repaying legal costs and contact details for your nearest legal aid board office.

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Legal Advice & Resources


Covers the full range of legal advice in well-arranged Q&A sections and online fact sheets. It also has personalisable forms for wills, business and employment that, for a small payment, can be printed off for completion. You'll find useful tips on consulting lawyers and court fees here too.

Legal Resources Online

A portal site to UK legal resources, linking you to solicitors and barristers available online. An index of sites offering free legal information is organised by subject area, and there's a guide to the Internet for lawyers, links and legal software.

UK Legal

A wealth of legal resources. It has everything from geographical and by specialism lists of solicitors, barristers and private investigators to information and advice on UK trading standards, e-0commerce, email and privacy issues, and online legal journal availability.

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