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Shenfield Town - Contact

The Shenfield town web site is designed and maintained by Dave Smith in association with the business community of Shenfield. The site relies heavily upon information from the traders and residents of Shenfield and, in particular, from the small group of business people whose vision and hard work made the site possible.

Readers are invited to submit new or additional information. There is no restriction on the scope of such information, we only ask that it be directly relevant to the residents or business community of Shenfield. We are deeply grateful to readers who contact us after noticing errors, omissions or misleading/incomplete information on the site.

Businesses, clubs, societies and advertisers are asked to keep us updated of any changes which may affect their entry on this site. Similarly, if your organisation is not mentioned, but is directly relevant to residents of Shenfield, please contact us. 

Non-commercial and other 'community' information is published on the site free of charge. We do, however, reserve the right to withhold or amend all submissions. 

Businesses located in Shenfield and Hutton, or who provide services not available from a Shenfield or Hutton-based business, are entitled to a free entry in the section of the site. We would like this section to be as complete as possible, so if your business is based in Shenfield or Hutton, but is not mentioned in the listings, please contact us. Exciting opportunities also exist for businesses to advertise in this section.

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Dave Smith



Every effort is made to check the accuracy of information published on this site and we accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions.